Sports Massage. Should it hurt?

The short answer to this question is no.

Keeping a good communication with your therapist is important.

They will ask throughout the massage how do you feel the pressure applied. Everyone is different, so are their injuries.

When we are treating injuries using sports massage, we use a variety of techniques but always have to be within your pain threshold. Some treatments may feel uncomfortable at times but you shouldn't be in pain.

Bruising after a sports massage is not the norm. It is in fact quite rare. If your therapist hurts you, you should ask them to reduce the pressure.

One of the main aims of sports massage (unless on sports events) is to relax your muscles. If the pressure applied is too great from the start, we actually are encouraging that tissue to contract to protect itself. The pressure has to increase gradually rather than start too deep.

Always look for a fully qualified and experienced professional to get a sports massage in Glasgow.

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