Sports massage for runners

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Sports massage is a must on the training programme of any serious runner. Preventing and treating injuries is key for improving performance.

sports massage encompasses a number of special techniques that involve a skilled sports massage therapist working into the tissues and muscle fibres of a runner's body so that they are returned to their pre-exercise state.

Pre event massage

It is suggested that whilst people are training for a half or full marathon they receive weekly massages. It is especially important to have massage towards the build-up to the longer training weeks, usually placed about 4 weeks prior to the marathon.

Post event massage

It is seen to be more valuable to receive massage as soon as possible following the event. As this helps to improve the recovery rate and reduces the intensity of delayed muscle sorenessexperienced 1-3 days post marathon.

Benefits of Sports Massage
  • It helps to decrease the recovery time between training sessions especially after longer runs

  • Helps to identify areas of tightness by compensations when training

  • It decreases the likelihood of injuries due to the repetitive nature of running

  • Helps to maintain flexibility and pliability of muscles allowing them to function effectively

  • Maintains the condition of the actual muscles tissue as it encourages the re-organisation of muscle architecture by returning the muscle to its normal length

  • Decreases the amount of stiffness experienced after an increase in mileage

  • Think of it as a reward for your legs

All in all, sports massage provides an impressive package of benefits to the runner. At Acusports, we offer Sports Massage and Acupuncture in Glasgow to help keep runners injury-free and in optimum running condition.

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