How to avoid Sports Injuries?

· A common mistake is to perform an incorrect technique while training. Ask for advice if needed to make sure you are performing the exercise in a correct way.

· Warm-Up before your exercice to increase blood flow to the muscles and promoting flexibility and mobility.

· Stretch to increase the elasticity of your muscles after warm-up and before and after your training.

· Avoid overtraining, specially if you feel in a weak condition.

· Keep a balanced diet to ensure a proper nutrition for your body and mind.

· Be aware of your own limitations. Do not push yourself beyond your physical capacity by, for example, exceeding your training timing or lifting too much weight.

· A lack of concentration when you are working out could cause and injury. It is important to keep your focus on the present moment being aware of the exercise you are performing and keep a balance between your breath and your movement at all time.

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