How Acupuncture can help to ease depression

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Acupuncture can help lift people out of depression, research suggests.

A British study found that people who had acupuncture alongside their anti-depressants improved more after three months than those who simply took drugs. More than 755 men and women with moderate to severe depression were studied.

One group had acupuncture alongside their normal treatment, including any drugs, a second had counselling added in, while a third group was treated as usual.

Acupuncture and counselling improved symptoms for up to six months.

After that, the health of those being treated normally had improved so much that acupuncture and counselling did not provide any extra benefit.

The York University researchers said the finding is important because many patients with depression are interested in alternatives to drugs - which don’t work in up to 60 per cent of cases.

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Source: DailyMail

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