High heels and back pain

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Back pain is the biggest cause of time off in the UK and the second most common reason to go to the GP.

There are several reason why we suffer from back pain and one of them is bad postural habits. If on top of that we add high heels, the chances of having aches and injuries on your back are increasing.

Having a look at the following images, we realise why so many women suffer from back pain.

The x-ray image shows a foot squeezed in what probably are a pretty pair of stilletos. However, is it really worth it?

This posture doesn't allow your body to distribute your weight evenly on your feet, causing misalignment. Elevating your heels puts more weight on your toes and forces your body and your pelvis to move forward.

Your calves and calcaneal tendon get naturally shorter and the risk of developing plantar fasciitis also increases. The natural curve on your lumbar spine also gets affected by pushing forward your lower back.

This can lead to knee pressure, back pain, and even nerve compression and muscle spasm.

What to do?

Alternate shoes and use ergonomic and comfortable shoes that allow you to move freely and naturally is a safe bet. However, if you love heels, wedges provide a wider support than stilletos.

Stretching your legs and your back can help to ease tension and improve your posture. Yoga postures such as downward dog stretches your calves and hamstrings and bring movement to your hips and lower back.

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