5 reasons why swimming is one of the best sports you can do

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

You have probably heard many times how good swimming is for your health. And it's true.

I recommend swimming to many of you coming to the clinic and these are just some of the reasons why

1.- Cardio and Muscle Toning: when you exercise in the pool, every movement you perform is a resistance exercise and there's nothing better to increase the strength of your musculoskeletal system than that. This makes swimming a great muscle toning compared to any other cardio activity. Swimming is an excellent cardio increasing your heart rate, your lung capacity and making you improve your breathing technique while exercising.

2.- Your joints are protected in the water: The fact that you are exercising in the water makes your body to become lighter so you don't have to bear all that weight and this protects your joints from harsh impact. It has been proved it's good for osteoarthritis and sore joints.

3.- Good for your flexibility: At the gym when we work out our position is quite static and we tent to work muscles by isolating them rather than work the whole body at once. Combining various styles can be a good way to stretch, work on the mobility of the joints and increase your flexibility.

4.- Weight loss: one hour in the pool can make you burn around 600 calories or about 450 if you take it easy.

5.- Live longer: South Carolina researchers followed 40,547 adults ages 20 to 90 for more than 3 decades and discovered that swimmers -regardless of age- were about 50% less likely to die during the study than were sofa sitters, walkers, and runners. source prevention

European Fundation of

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