5 Free mindfulness apps

When was the last time you paused for a moment to take stock of the world around you and the part you play in it? In a world where we’re more connected than ever before it can be all too easy to get caught up in the rat race, never stopping to appreciate the little things, the big things and the special moments in between. Record numbers of people are turning to

mindfulness apps in a bid to master the art of unwinding, but just what exactly does mindfulness mean?

According to mental health charity Mind, mindfulness is a technique you can learn which involves making an effort to notice what’s happening in the present moment without judgement. With roots in Buddhism and meditation there is a spiritual element to the practice, however, the organisation stresses you don’t need to hold any particular beliefs to try it. Here we shine a light on five of our favourite free mindfulness apps to help you find a little calm amongst the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Insight Timer

Join a community of more than 6,100,000 meditators with daily guided meditations designed to help find your Zen. An opportunity to connect with likeminded people through discussions about spirituality, humour and compassion as well as making the most of almost 15,000 expertly guided meditations, Insight Timer is one of the top meditation apps for those seeking a little headspace.

Discover more at www.insighttimer.com


Utilising mindfulness meditations, life coaching, stories and music created by expert therapists, Aura prides itself on understanding your emotions and helps you feel better - no matter whether you’re stressed, anxious or have trouble sleeping. It takes just three minutes to feel brighter and the app continuously learns about what helps you and improves recommendations along the way. Find out more at www.aurahealth.io


Meditation is known to reduce stress, provide a strong focus and improve sleep. Headspace helps to make meditation simple, teaching you skills of meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes every day. The app is renowned for making meditation simple with daily sessions guided by founder Andy Puddicome.

What’s more Headspace sends reminders and allows you to track your progress along the way. Visit www.headspace.com/headspace-meditation-app


With more than 200,000 five star reviews Calm is celebrated as one of the leading apps providing a little headspace around the world. The app does exactly as the name suggests, helping users to relax when dealing with stressful situations through daily meditation, a sleep timer that plays soothing music until you drift off and adult Sleep Stories read by well-known voices – including Stephen Fry. Find out more at www.calm.com


Think meditation is only for seasoned yogis? Think again. The beauty of Buddhify is that it’s designed to fit in around your everyday life. It couldn’t be easier to use – all you have to do

is select what you’re doing, whether you’re trying to sleep or just scrolling through your phone, and the app will provide a meditation session based on your current activity. It’s meditation done differently.

Check it out at www.buddhify.com/

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