5 exercises to increase your life span (study).

Easy activities to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.


The British journal of sports medicine found that going for a walk in between 10 to 59 minutes per week, can lower the risk of any death by 18%. We spend far too much time sitting in front of computers not moving. Try to break that pattern by going for a walk on your lunch break of meet some friends over the weekend to go for a walk rather than sit in the pub or a restaurant.

YOGA improves strength, flexibility and breathing. Reduces heart disease factors such as blood pressure, high BMI and cholesterol. It is accessible and can be adapted to all abilities. A study from the Journal of American College of Cardiology found that combining Yoga with a cardio activity such as swimming or running, doubles the reduction in high BMI, cholesterol levels and blood pressure in comparison with people who were taking part in just one or the other exercise.

SWIMMING A study from Swim England has found that regular swimmers have 28% lower risk of early death and 41% lower risk of death by stroke or heart disease. It is a great activity for people of all ages.

RUNNING Yes, you guessed it. Running is among the top activities to keep you fit and healthy. Any amount of running is better than no running at all. Don’t be intimidated, go for a gentle jog or join a park run. Your heart and your mood will thank you for it.

TENNIS Regular sessions of badminton or tennis reduce the risk of death at any given age by 47%. Call your pal and play.

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