19 ways to improve your health & wellbeing

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Cook a new dish

If you are a meat-eater, why not give vegetarian dishes a go this month and

introduce more vegs in your diet and cook a delicious, homemade vegetarian dish. Not only will you

reduce your carbon footprint and potentially eat a bit healthier but

the process of cooking can also have a positive impact on your mental health.

Don’t skip breakfast

They say it’s the most important meal of the day and they are not wrong. A healthy breakfast will set you up for the day by boosting your metabolism, energising your body and keeping your blood sugar levels stable during the day.

Sample some seafood

Packed with important nutrients such as protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, fish is a great ingredient to include in your meals. There have even been some studies that show that eating fish may protect your vision as you get older.

Chew more

Ever taken a minute to think about how long you chew your food for? Chewing properly plays a vital role in improving digestion thanks to important digestive enzymes in your saliva. Chewing for longer gives these enzymes more time to work their magic, while opting for smaller bits helps your intestine absorb nutrients.

Try a new fitness class

They say is if you enjoy what you do you’ll never work a day in your life and the same applies to exercise. Let's be honest, sweating it out at the gym or pumping iron isn't for everyone - so where does that leave those keen to stay fit without taking on the gym bunny title? Fitness classes offer an alternative to hitting the treadmill or weight bench with the added bonus of support from your fellow classmates throughout your fitness journey.

Drink more water

We all know we should drink 2-3 litres of water each day but did you

know that drinking water can boost your metabolism, give you younger

looking skin and as it encourages the movement of nutrients and

hormones around your body which releases endorphins, it can even make

you feel happier?

Get a massage

There’s no escaping the fact that the pace of life is ever increasing. From mounting work pressures to managing social and family commitments, everyday life can be a juggling act for most. This year pledge to make the most of a little self-care by going for regular massages. Proven to soothe anxiety and depression, improve sleep and boost immunity there’s no better way to unwind.

Drink less alcohol

Don’t worry, we aren’t saying you should stop drinking alcohol completely. Instead, just be aware of how much you are consuming.

Regularly drinking over the recommended guidelines can lead to a range

of long-term health problems.

Sleep smart

Time is precious; we all know that, so it’s important to be ready to get up and at ‘em every day if we have a chance of making the most of it. But just what exactly is the key to that? A good night’s sleep. Transform your bedroom into a scared haven of peace and calm by removing all TVs and laptops and never take work to bed with you.

Improve your posture

We’re taught the importance of good posture from an early age and it’s easy to see why. Maintaining good posture and back support helps to prevent muscles aches and fatigue and keeps bones and joints in proper alignment to improve muscle efficiency and prevent muscle strain.

Remove your make-up

Did you know your skin renews itself every night as you sleep? That’s why removing your makeup before your head hits the pillow is so important as not removing makeup can prevent that from happening. If your skin isn’t allowed to breathe signs of fatigue appear while blocked pores can cause acne and blackheads.

Give someone a hug

Giving someone a hug has obvious benefits to the person receiving support but it also has an impact on your wellbeing too. By giving someone a hug releases oxytocin, heralded as the ‘cuddle hormone’ by many as levels rise when we hug, touch or sit next to someone. Oxytocin is associated with happiness and reduced stress levels. Start giving and accepting compliments. When was the last time you gave someone a compliment? Not only does offering up a little kindness to someone help create positive relationships, some studies even show that giving and receiving compliments affect the immune system and help with insomnia. Make 2019 the year you also take note of compliments without embarrassment.

Don’t say sorry

An apology holds unbelievable power and is able to change the course of life as we know it. Not something that should be given, or accepted, lightly it’s important to appreciate the impact saying sorry has. Make 2019 the year you consider your actions and apologies less –

making sure each is warranted and meaningful. Have a social media detox

As we move further and further into the digital age we’re more connected than ever before. With the world literally at our fingertips 24/7 technology has its many undeniable benefits, but when do we find the time to switch off? Swiping and liking becomes addictive, almost all consuming at time, taking focus off the things that really matter. Sound familiar? Cut back on screen time to begin living in the moment a little more.

Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is universal and something we’ve all been guilty of at some point or another. Whether it’s choosing pleasure over discipline or avoiding expectation make 2019 the year you throw caution to the wind and embrace your own self-worth, knowledge and power by putting it all into practice.

Learn a new skill

Think pledging to learn a new skill is a New Year cliché? Think again. An opportunity for self-improvement and to build knowledge committing to lifelong learning has a wealth of benefits. A life of learning is vital to keep the body and the mind in shape, with research revealing that continuing cognitive activity helps to promote mental sharpness and has a positive effect on brain cells.

Be mindful

We’ve all heard of mindfulness in recent months but just what exactly does it mean to be mindful? It’s simple, according to the NHS mindfulness means knowing directly what’s going on inside and outside ourselves moment by moment. Taking the opportunity to pause and pay more attention to the present moment – to your feelings and thoughts as well as the world around you – can improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Give to others

This might sound simple but giving to others, whether it be time, money or goods, feels good. Research has shown that those who give to others feel good about themselves, adding to their self-esteem and self-confidence. Supporting others, in some way or another, adds to a feeling of self-wort

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